Thursday, January 11, 2007

Self-Portrait Research

Here are some links to begin researching how to do your self-portrait. These examples were found by doing a google search for "self-portrait, art, portrait, photography" and are only a few examples. But they're a good place to start. As part of your project, you're require to submit three examples of other artists' work, on which you are basing the style of your own self-portrait. So take a look at these links and others, and discover what kind of style in which you'd like to do your own self-portrait. Some may require that you use a digital camera to take a new photograph of yourself - with other approaches, you may be able to use an existing photograph of yourself. You may also wish to have someone else take your photograph, but then use it to develop your own self-portrait. In class, we'll discuss the different stylistic approaches, what they convey, and how to achieve them using Adobe Photoshop.

Cindy Sherman

Chuck Close Self-Portraits

Andy Warhol Museum

Self Portraits by Gymnast Sabina Spaldi


Diane Arbus (google image search)

Self-Portaits - posters

Digital Self-Portrait


Mona Lisa

Reference Information

Wikipedia Entry

Self-Portraits Introduction
Since the fifteenth century and the advent of the mirror artists have modeled for themselves in their own works of art. Whether it is an in-depth exploration of the artist’s own psyche or simply because as a model, the artist is clearly the cheapest and most available. Whatever the reason, nearly every artist, in every medium from painters to sculptors have attempted this exploration of self. With this research, I’d like to explore the many different kinds of self-portraits in an attempt to understand why people create these works and how they benefit from them. In ascertaining the personal value of a self-portrait, I will be able to create a self-portrait program and construct the various elements that artists would be seeking.

Self-Portraits of the World's Greatest Artists

Point & Shoot: How to Shoot Self Portraits

If you come across any other strong self-portraits, please email them to me and I will upload them on our blog.

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